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5 Questions for New Home Owners in Okiato

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Owning a dream property is one of life's great achievements. For the new owners of property in Okiato, Russell, the search for the perfect home was a long one. However, they have now found their dream home that meets all their needs and requirements. Let's take a look at their journey and learn about their experience.

Question 1: What was the reason for choosing this property?

The new owners were looking for a property that met certain criteria. They wanted to be close to a marina, have water views, and be located in the town of Russell. The Bay of Islands also had to offer everything they were looking for. After a long search, they found the perfect property that met all their needs.

Question 2: What was important for you to have in the new house?

Good flow and practical features were the two main priorities when designing their new home. The ability to access indoor/outdoor spaces and enjoy the great climate of Northland was also important to the new owners.

Question 3: What is the favourite part of your house?

The open-plan living area with its beautiful Mokum curtains and dark oak floor is the new owners' favorite part of the house. It provides ample space for the family to gather and relax.

Question 4: What has been the hardest part of building your new home?

Landscaping the garden was the most challenging part of building their new home. The new owners opted to do the work themselves, which took a lot of time and effort. However, the result was rewarding, and they are happy with their efforts. The team at Black Rocks Construction provided a professional service, which made the building process easier.

Question 5: What if any would you change?

The new owners are content with their choices and would not change anything about their new home. They were fortunate to have the input of the Kingscourt team when selecting products for their home, which was helpful.

In conclusion, the new owners of property in Okiato, Russell, have found their dream home. It has everything they were looking for and more. Their experience highlights the importance of taking the time to search for a property that meets your specific needs and requirements. A home is a long-term investment, and it is essential to get it right.

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