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Let the Sun Shineshine In!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Yes, you heard it here first folks! The much loved South African range designed by Tracy Rushmere is now available here in New Zealand through Kingscourt Interiors in Kerikeri. For now they are carrying the scatters range. However Tracy has an array of different items such as trays, aprons, bags and placemats that can be ordered.

The West African inspired range is well

known for it's use of bold colour

combinations and bringing in a unique mix

of colours and design making your space

vibrant and colourful.

Extract from VISI MAGAZINE:

In the three decades that Tracy Rushmere has watched over Cape Town from this vantage point on the slopes of the historic Bo-Kaap, her Victorian home has seen almost as many alterations as the bustling city below. Initially, when she moved into the neighbourhood in 1995, she occupied one half of the semi-detached house with her photographer husband and baby son, while their architect friend, who bought the property with them and helped them renovate it, stayed in the other.

Walls were knocked down to open up poky rooms, original sash windows were re-installed, and bathrooms relocated (Victorian homes seldom had inside bathrooms). When Tracy’s daughter was born, the family took occupation of the entire property, getting rid of the dividing wall and turning the two houses into one. And, most recently, with the kids all grown up, the home’s staircase was moved to create another bedroom and bathroom downstairs. “At the age of 19, my daughter finally got her wish of her very own bathroom,” says Tracy with a laugh.

See full article here: VISI

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